Tuesday 19 March 2013

Nanda in Jab jab Phool Khile (1965)

Rounding off my post in the Jab Jab Phool Khile movie posts, is Nanda who plays the wealthy Rita who has just returned back to India from the USA in this very enjoyable 60's bollywood Romcom . More than any other character in this film, she had the largest wardrobe (just as well as she was the lead heroine)

She starts off the movie in a rather modern looking night gown, I love the black x band running underneath her bust

Next up was a classic movie siren look which she wears upon her arrival in Kashmir, where she plans on holidaying. She looked every inch the screen siren in a white skirt suit with a blue knitted top, and a headscarf and black sunglasses as accessories finished off with rosy pink lips

Next up were a couple of scenes of her in classic tea dresses, my favourite of her tea dresses is the white and green striped dress below, notice how she has accessorised with a smart gold and diamant√© brooch on the right side of the dress (Truly Fab!!!)

Another fab outfit I loved her in was a high waisted pencil skirt paired with what looks like a cropped blouse, her accessories here were just a simple white hair band and some silver bangles

Next up were a couple of night gowns and luxurious dressing gowns. The most famous of all being the silk white gown she wears in 'Yeh sama'

See more of Nanda in her silk night dress in the popular 'Yeh sama' song below

Love this yellow silk dressing gown with the quilted pockets and collars

Love the golden embroidery work on the borders of her silk blue dressing gown

Up next were more chic Outfits fit for a Daddy's girl (which is how I'd also describe Rita in this film, in fact the film alludes to this fact in a great way, as her wealth provides the backdrop for most of the plot).

A personal favourite of mine was an atypical 60's style print sleeveless top paired with bright Orange cropped trousers. I also love the slightly thick brows with soft peachy lips
J'adore this look
 Next up was a Tiger print mohair vest paired with a White shirt, black pants and a chic pair of cream gloves and a furry beret (I loved this ensemble)

 After giving us some rather chic ensembles Rita lets things slip a bit in this Mrs Santa Claus style outfit, its easily the worst outfit she wore in this film

She also gives us a taste of the Kashmir in a traditional kashmiri look which consists of a kurta (long tunic) paired with a kaftan style top called a 'Phiran' over it,  paired with salwar style pants and a red Taqiyah style hat with a veil attached to it with silver kashmiri style jewels adorning the front of the red Taqiyah style hat
 See more of the look in the 'pardesiyon se na ankhiyan' song below

Also displaying the Kashmiri look was Baby Farida who played Shashi Kapoor's sister Munni. Her outfits consisted of a scarf tied from mid forehead, paired with embroidered Phiran/kaftan combos and kashmiri style jewels

Things return back on form when she gets back to town though, I love how she and her mother almost colour coordinate their night gowns in the pic below

And that lamp shade which she has in her well furnished bedroom would end up on Vyjayanthimala's head in the 'main kya karoon Ram' song from Sangam (or could it be the other way around)
Vyjayanthimala in the 'main kya karoon Ram' song from Sangam
 Now that she's in Town Rita spends the rest of the movie in more chic outfits, while also  trying to convince her dad to let her marry Raja the country bumpkin from Kashmir. I love this copper brown silk shift with a bow tie front she wears below

She also does some interesting layering in this mustard buttoned down dress paired with a white high neck top

 I also really liked her in this Chartreuse dress paired with a smart pair of white kitten heel slingback shoes  in fact I love everything in this picture below from the cool furniture to her friend in the blue shift dress giving off some major attitude

next was a super chic Black dress with a white panelled design down the middle paired with a  smart collar and white slingback shoes, a chiffon headscarf and sunglasses

Next up was Rita in a range of traditional outfits which included tight fitting kurtas over smart white churidars and dupattas draped elegantly over both shoulders

 Now rounding off Rita's style in this movie is this ball gown which she wears in the penultimate scene. It's a red satin ball gown which I was a bit unsure of at first, I think she was over accessorised but somehow she still manages to pull it off  and I'd like to think it was the perfect way to round off her style in what I'd describe as a very stylish film for Nanda
 See more of this outfit in the 'yahan main ajnabi' song below

 According to Imdb Narendra kumar and Sheikh are credited as the costumers for Jab Jab Phool Khile, while Radheshayam is credited for the make up. I found the movie very enjoyable and I'd list it amongst my favourites, read some interesting reviews Here, here and here