Monday, 5 April 2010

Sadhana in Ek Phool Do Mali (1969)

Sadhana's look in this film consists mostly of gypsy style outfits and Tribal wear

Loved her in her yellow & blue gypsy style headscarf and accessories
Yes Sadhana i can see, i love your earrings too

See more of the outfit in the video below

And in her asymmetric orange tribal outfit with lots of accessories and wonderful hairdo
See more of Sadhana's tribal outfit in the video below

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Dev Anand in Johnny Mera Naam (1970)

The best way I'd describe Dev Anand's style in this film as 'Preppy Americana Cool'

Love the candy striped shirt teamed with paisley print scary, very cool

Brown leather jacket, candy stripe shirt and a silk scarf, very cool Dev

I love his attitude here with the unbuttoned shirt and the white t shirt underneath completed with a silk chocolate scarf

There's something that just screams Americana Cool about his baseball jacket with the red yellow red cuffs worn on top a stripy shirt, looks like Dev definitely loves his stripy shirts.

Overall Dev Anand has a Preppily cool dress sense that looks just as stylish 40 years on.

Below is a cool song from Johnny Mera Naam where we get to see awesome Dev in his Preppy Gear wooing Hema Malini, this song was also featured at the end of the 2006 Simpson's episode 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore'

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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hema Malini in Johnny Mera Naam (1970)

Fabulous is how i would describe Hema Malini's style in this very enjoyable masala suspense 70's caper

Hema was nothing but pure gorgeousness in this film, love the shades on her

as well as the fab cocktail rings

Loved her in the red turtle neck with the multi strand necklaces

also loved her in her tribal get up

and not forgetting my favourite the two toned black & turquoise Sari matched with turquoise accesories, 100% super wow

Now for your eyes here's the lovely 'O mere Raja' where we get to see more of the lovely black & turquoise sari

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sunil Dutt in Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye (1973)

I shall join the rest of the bolly blogs who having a 70's moment to post some funky 70's fashion worn by one of my all time favourite bollywood actors Sunil Dutt

Funky is how i'd describe Sunil's satorial choices in Pran Jay Par Vachan Na Jaye(1973)

Hmmm a lovely white sash around the waist check out the discolicious doors

Lovely green jacket i need one right now, i love the way he's accessorised with the gold choker chain

Sunil wears this with so much attitude gotta love his pose in the last screen cap, here's an outfit i'd definitely wear to terrorise my town folks with my fashionista abilities

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Asha Parekh in Shikar (1968)

I totally loved Asha Parekh's sleveless Churidar Khameez in this classic supense movie

I love the plastic metal discs added to the blouse and her necklace
it's a beautiful outfit even by today's standards, I love the way she's paired her Kurta's with a pair of pointy kitten Heels

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rekha in Khoon Bhari Maang (1988)

Rekha's fashion in this movie is playful, fun,edgy and a wee bit over the top (fabulously so). It seems the stylist was inspired by the fashion in the top soap operas of the time like Dynasty & Return to Eden where the film in fact got its inspiraton, there are also shades of Grace Jones in her styling

I loved this scarf and sunglasses combo, this style was very popular in the 80's and Rihanna was recently seen in something similar

Image courtesy of bollywooddeewana

Love the make up, she truly has a flawless complexion

Gotta love the lace gloves and lame gold headscarf, looks like something you'd find at Topshop these days

Loving this Karate Style outfit

She also wore some amazing retro style sunglasses, i'd totally buy this pink one above

Gotta love the attitude

i love the croc skin giant clutch she has

Not so sure about this one, seems inspired from Star Trek, I know Lady gaga would kill for those shoulders though

Proof That Fashion does indeed go around in circles
Top: Kate Moss in the Lame Gold Scarf similar to Rekha's at last years Metropolitan Costiume Gala
Bottom: Lady Gaga in Leotards similar to Rekha's Karate style outfit

Photo credit: bollywooddeewana

Watch a hilarious dance competition between the two leading actresses from the movie to see who's the fiercest one (lol) Who gets your vote, Rekha or Sonu

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