Monday 27 February 2012

Vishal Anand in Chalte Chalte (1976)

Marking his territory in bollywood movie fashion hall of fame is Vishal Anand in his only movie role to date, while his acting skills might be frowned upon, his style especially his rather jazzy shirts brought a smile upon my face and made me cherish him forever

Just like Nazneen (whose outfits we discussed previously) Vishal's opening scene was of him running along the beach in a pair of red swimming trunks, which he pulled off just right and way before Baywatch too if I might add

Way too much going on with that scarf against that shirt, wish he had tossed off that scarf and worn the shirt on its own
I love that check patterned safari style suit and Jacket set he's wearing paired with a bright orange shirt
He seemed to a have a penchant for doggy ear style shirt collars, this grey shirt was my least favourite of all his funky shirts, not because of the collar but because of the rather dull collar and bad fit
Now if only i could get my hands on that silk dressing gown, I love the red paisley design running all over it
Is That a shirt or Blouse, I really don't care because I LOVE it, and I'd love to have it in my wardrobe, dog eared collar and all
Look how that shirt is making him a woman magnet, no surprises at all. See more of this  hip shirt in the video below

Loved this canary yellow military style shirt
In yet another Jazzy shirt, couldn't work out the print on this one, looks like horses or reindeers

Fab Shirt, i love that print and the way he's knotted it, seriously I want that shirt like NOW


Not entirely crazy about this one but its still a rather jazzy (or should I say)kitsch shirt none the less
In double denim with a velvet baker boy style hat and bug eye shades, I think he's working it though
In a rather demure shirt in comparison to all the others seen here 
 While his acting left a lot to be desired, Vishal undoubtedly left a huge impression on me as I was crazy about his jazzy shirt collection, I wish he had done more films where he'd have displayed more of his stylish shirts but perhaps that would have been too much for me to bear, but alas I'll forever remember him for his shirts more so than his acting, not a bad thing I think.

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SB said...

Like many out there, I have been listening and loving the Chalte Chalte song for years and years. Finally I got my hands on the movie. One of the worst movies in Bollywood. Well worst not including the garbage made in 90s to now. What a waste of time. Simmi Grewal that I love made a mistake by signing this movie. I am sure she knows. It makes u think that all the people involved in the making of this movie could not tell the producers to STOP!!

Bollywood Movie Fashion Blog said...

@ SB I wouldn't call it one of the worst films, though sloppy with its screenplaya nd direction, the songs saved it from being abysmal and since the songs are inherently part of the film, we can't give it a 'worst of' honour

Rajeshree Bera said...

Hi there,

I loved your blog. The way u've marked 70's fashion is incredible! I always follow clothes of ppl in movies, but nobody has put it like, u've done.
I always liked Zeenat Aman's urban style and u can pull out some more of her movies. One of my fav is Qurbani.

In traditional sense I liked Rakhi's beautiful silk sari's.
Looking forward for some more style icons.

Bollywood Movie Fashion Blog said...

@ Rajeshree Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, I truly appreciate it. Do look out for more posts on this blog, I'm not able to post as much due to other commitments but comments like yours are so encouraging and keeps me going.

Unknown said...

I liked your blog. I always follow to outfits of ppl in films, but nobody has put it like, u've done.

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Meera said...

This guy bunks my theory that men don't have variety in what they wear!

Daal mein Kuch Kaala Hai said...

I like your blog. it shows more fashionable cloths and moments which is create most beautiful story and fashionable cloths which is like very much.

jion said...

I like the Old fashion.And old movies

sara said...

Nice post about Fashion I like it

Anonymous said...

nice fashion of old bollywood movies in chalte chalte and in other movies thanks for sharing.
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Bollywood Movie Fashion Blog said...

@ Tisha, Meera, daal mein kuch, sara and the bollywood gossip Thanks for all your comments I truly appreciate it

Bollywood Movie Fashion Blog said...

@ Jion Thanks I do love the old movies too

Salil said...

Great to see this people still going crazy@ the retro 70's. I am a menswear designer into these types of shirts only. I did not find that well a customer response here in India, so I have shifted my sales abroad. But anyone of you, esp the one who started this blog, if you want to buy such shirts leave me a text @ . With love.

Salil said...

Google 'United Angst' for more such 70's retro fashion. Its a shirting company!

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Anonymous said...

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