Saturday, 30 July 2011

Yogeeta Bali in Ajanabee (1974)

One of my favourite bollywood beauties Yogeeta Bali had a spectacular look I couldn't help but admire in the 1974 movie Ajanabee (Strangers). I loved everything from her trench to the high volume hair and fresh face make up
Loving that pompadour style hair and slightly vampy make up

I love the Green mac with the black/navy piped detailing running through it

that fab coat was paired with a Turtle neck and a wrap skirt that had the same shade of green on the mac running through it 
Loving that clean structured boxy handbag she is carrying in the shot above, such retro fabness

I shall be posting on more fashion outfits from this move but till then you can read the movie review here

And if you'd like to watch the movie, you can buy it on dvd here

Fabulous Fashion in 70's Bollywood Movie Ajanabee

I can't stop admiring this outfit from the lovely 1974 drama Ajanabee (Stranger) I have no idea who the lady wearing the outfit is but I'm in love with  the way she pulls it off

First off, I adore the speckled graphic print on the top half

I love the clashing print on the bottom end of the dress, i assumed it was a top and skirt combo at first, but it looks very much like a dress

Not to talk of the accessories, from the crotchet headpiece, to the earrings and necklace, this girl is the quintessential 70's bollywood funky fashion doll
Can anyone Identify who she is

I shall be posting on more fashion outfits from this move but till then you can read the movie review here

And if you'd like to watch the movie, you can buy it on dvd here

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hema Malini in Raja Jani (1972)

I was totally in awe of Hema Malini's look in Raja Jani, its retro bollywood chic at its best, from her lovely Chiffon sari's, to gypsy village girl looks, flares, beaded tops, this movie just provided so much fashion candy

We're first introduced to her character as a village belle where she wears gypsy style skirts and fitted blouses with veils
She's introduced to us as the fiery village belle Shanno in nothing other than gypsy skirts, blouses and veils  over the top of her head

 See more of her Village belle look in the Duniya Ka Mela number below, it's one of the popular songs from the film

Her Character is given a city girl makeover by Suave con man Raja (Dharmendra - who we discussed in the previous post). The first look upon the makeover was her in this lovely beaded top and black flared trouser combo
I love how cheeky she looks here
A very stylish look, that beaded top was beautiful on its own but i like the cinched in waist
I love the cut out details on the black flare pants, they were accentuated with the same beads on the top
I love the fresh faced make up here accentuated by the dramatic eyes and soft peach/pink lipstick
The ultimate 70's bollywood babe, the pearl/bead detailing on that top is gorgeous
 See more of this outfit in the Aaja o raja song below

Another favourite was this flower power top and she looked oh so cute with Raja (Dharmendra) in one of the scenes when she starts falling in love with him
I think she's the only one who can get away with wearing this, I love how she's matched her earrings to  the flowers
they both look oh so adorable in this shot
Nest up was this orange tunic paired with a pair of black pants, her eye make up was fantastic and the screen cap do them no justice, you just have to see for yourself

her fashion got playful here with a funky polka dotted blouse and yellow crocheted hat

 I love how playful she looks in this quite dorky hat below

See more of the above looks in the 'ABCD Chodo' song clip below

her wardrobe also included some floor length dresses with high neck collars, i think these were my least favourite looks of all her wardrobe

 I like the floor length vest she's sporting in the pictures below waistcoat
I love the make up and total look here
Great silhouette on this gown but all the white beaded detailing is throwing me off a bit but she looks fab

 One of my favourite looks if not my favourite was when she wore a Purple tunic with an orange belt and some knee length gladiator style sandals and a Silk paisley head scarf (J'adore!!!)
Freakin' Fabulous
Those Sandals are to die for, a great look all around

See the above look in the 'kitna maaza raha' song clip below

Some lovely accessories too, like this blue choker you can see below

The rest of her look in the film were Sari's, some lovely lovely ones at that
I really liked this pink floral chiffon sari
Looking regal in this gold sequined sari
in yet another embellished sari, but the necklace is the start here

 Overall a great look and transition from a  Village Belle to a city girl, the clothes suited her character and she pulled it off darn well, a great job by the stylist/costumer Leena Daru with just as great complementary make up by Dinoo Indulkar &Krishna Chaubal

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If you're interested in seeing this movie, its available on dvd here