Saturday 30 July 2011

Yogeeta Bali in Ajanabee (1974)

One of my favourite bollywood beauties Yogeeta Bali had a spectacular look I couldn't help but admire in the 1974 movie Ajanabee (Strangers). I loved everything from her trench to the high volume hair and fresh face make up
Loving that pompadour style hair and slightly vampy make up

I love the Green mac with the black/navy piped detailing running through it

that fab coat was paired with a Turtle neck and a wrap skirt that had the same shade of green on the mac running through it 
Loving that clean structured boxy handbag she is carrying in the shot above, such retro fabness

I shall be posting on more fashion outfits from this move but till then you can read the movie review here

And if you'd like to watch the movie, you can buy it on dvd here