Tuesday 11 October 2011

Sadhana in Arzoo(1965)

Here comes the big one, and I can predict this post will be a very popular one on here due to all the Sadhana and 60's bollywood style searches that bring people to this blog. Sadhana was without doubt one of hindi cinema's most stylish heroines, her wardrobe in Arzoo was fantastic which pretty much reaffirms her reputation as one of Hindi cinema's finest dressers. What I found impressive about the styling was the variety of textures, layering and the wonderful accessories
One of my favourite Sadhana fashion moments occurred in this film when she paired this amazing fairisle knit (very stylish even today) with ski pants, that jumper is to die for, i love it

See more of this outfit in the video below

Loving the studded diamant√© sunglasses teamed with a cosy jumper and fur hat and gloves, Aspen chic at its best
Next up on my favourites lists is this embroidered floral sari teamed with lovely Ruby accessories

See more of this outfit in the video below
Love the clean and rather minimal style of this Coral chiffon sari, Sadhana is really a doll
Lovely embroidery designs on this sari with a sleeveless blouse, Sadhana in general seemed to favour the sleeveless blouse style sari's 
I love how editorial these shots look, I love the cardigan teamed with the Churidar Kameez outfit  with the bouffant hairstyle and side plait and the wing tipped eyeliner and peachy lips
Sadhana (above and below) in her trademark sleeveless kurta and Churidar style which is credited for turning into a major style craze
See more of this oufit in the video below

In a rather interesting ensemble to reflect the cold weather of the Kashmir, by layering a knitted top with cotton  sleeveless kurta and churidar
The rest of the movie features a layering of traditional outfits over top quality statement coats, I loved them all, especially the last one above, love the binoculars hanging off her neck too  

 In fact the whole feel and styling of this movie by the great costumier Bhanu Athaiya is an editorial waiting to happen, I hope fashion magazines in India will start making editorials based on bollywood movies, especially ones like this.

Read the movie review here

You can buy it on dvd here


Anonymous said...

I have to admit to being not much of a Rajendra Kumar fan (which is why I didn't actually look at your previous post ;-)), but Sadhana in Arzoo is sheer gorgeous - face, clothes, accessories, everything. You've seen Waqt, I suppose? Lovely and very stylish in that too.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

What a gorgeous coat! And I've never noticed a kurta over a sweater before - what a cool (er, warm!) idea! Leave it to Sadhana to be able to still look great when she's dressed in layers OVER a sweater.

Bollywood Movie Fashion Blog said...

@ Dusted Off I've had Waqt for the longest time but i haven't dipped in yet, i better get to it soon, I'm sure there's a lot of Eye CANDY, I can't wait

@ You're right Beth, leave it to Sadhana to always look great in unthinkable ensembles

Anu said...

Those sarees are back in fashion. I love the olive green suit.
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

it was hit only because of Rajendra Kumar.

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