Tuesday 11 October 2011

Rajendra Kumar in Arzoo (1965)

I have always had a soft spot for Rajendra Kumar and of late I've realised when it comes to style, he was definitely one of Hindi movies most stylish heroes. Here in Arzoo, his style varies from lovely knitted Jumpers to well tailored suits and coats and statement sunglasses, from now on I have to pay more attention to his style particularly his style in the 60's.

A huge part of the movie is set in Kashmir which has a much cooler climate than other parts of India this allowed for plenty of layering, which explains the amount of Jackets and knitwear
Loved his total look here from the smart bomber jacket to the red polo top and those wayfarers, fab! Rajendra, fab!
Next up was this lovely Alpine/Fairisle style knit teamed with a snazzy pair of wayfarers
I love this close up shot of him, he looks great and I really really really want those sunglasses
Loved his 60's style suit with skinny lapels which i prefer over the wide style style of the 70's
Loved that overcoat on him, in fact the general style of layering in this movie was fantastic
In yet another overcoat, love the stripy tie and the way its been knotted half Windsor style

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