Saturday 30 July 2011

Fabulous Fashion in 70's Bollywood Movie Ajanabee

I can't stop admiring this outfit from the lovely 1974 drama Ajanabee (Stranger) I have no idea who the lady wearing the outfit is but I'm in love with  the way she pulls it off

First off, I adore the speckled graphic print on the top half

I love the clashing print on the bottom end of the dress, i assumed it was a top and skirt combo at first, but it looks very much like a dress

Not to talk of the accessories, from the crotchet headpiece, to the earrings and necklace, this girl is the quintessential 70's bollywood funky fashion doll
Can anyone Identify who she is

I shall be posting on more fashion outfits from this move but till then you can read the movie review here

And if you'd like to watch the movie, you can buy it on dvd here

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